July 27, 2017

Can you schedule tweets?

Have you noticed the new Media Studio over on Twitter? 🐦   You can now schedule your tweets from within Twitter! We still LOVE TweetDeck though for all the extra functionalities you can add to personalise your Twitter experience - but still, this is a…
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October 3, 2016


Twitter's BIG update + 3 of our top Twitter tips! Looking to give your Twitter presence a boost? Read on...   Have you noticed the latest Twitter update? It's a big one... You can now add pictures to your tweets without it counting towards your character limit!…
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May 25, 2016

Have you heard the BIG Twitter news?

Some BIG news from Twitter! You can now add pictures & videos to your tweets WITHOUT it eating up your 140 characters! Brilliant news if you are always having to delete characters to ensure you can fit in a photograph or video! The changes, as outlined…
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February 10, 2016

Our Top Social Media don’t!

Deciding our Top Social Media don't was actually a really easy choice! This DON'T is something that I see numerous times per day but I am on a mission to try & eradicate! If you fancy helping me with this mission, please do share this…
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