Instagram has had what can only be described as a rollercoaster of a couple of years! Change is the only constant we can seem to rely on Instagram for currently – it almost seems every time we log in something is slightly [or hugely!] different. This constant moving of the goalposts has led to many businesses & marketers alike having second thoughts about their feelings for Instagram – we know that Instagram is packed full of potential for your business so here’s a few of our tips & tricks to help you fall back in LOVE with this platform. You’ve got this! πŸ’›

Let’s talk Reels! Reels have become a huge part of the Instagram marketing experience & unfortunately whether you love or hate them, they are here to stay. But – if you are a hater we believe this is most probably because you think to create successful reels you have to be either dancing or making fun of yourself or your industry or quite possibly a mixture of both. We’re here to break that myth – we have created many successful reels for our clients as a beautiful showcase for their products & services, as behind-the-scenes peeks into their venues or offices or simply as a talking video answering an FAQ. Also, recently you can now reply to comments with Reels meaning that the time you spend creating these pays off again & again. Give it a try – excitingly Canva – the graphic design software we love, is full of fantastic reel templates to make reel creation easier than ever. p.s Reels can even just be text or photos in video format – you don’t even have to feature. Give them a go asap!

Use Links in stories! We all lusted over those accounts with 10K+ followers who had the lucrative swipe-up function, but now each & every account on Instagram has the chance to add links to their stories, hurrah! These make stories a super powerful feature for your business. Running an event? Launching a new product or service? Written a new blog? Link it & see your website traffic from Instagram soar.

Choose to turn off your post likes! Looking to take a little of the pressure off of your Instagram posting? You can decide to turn off the like count on your posts so your audience won’t be able to judge how “well” a post is performing. Instagram discovered this pressure affected the mental health of some of its users so decided to launch this feature – take the pressure off & just create content you LOVE. Here’s how to do it: In the last window before you publish a post, go to β€œAdvanced settings” at the bottom. Here, you can swipe to β€œHide like and view counts for this post”. To turn on or off like counts for posts you’ve already published, go to the post and click on the three dots in the upper right-hand corner

Take back your control! Don’t like the content Instagram is suggesting to you? Choose the chronological newsfeed option to take you back to the good ol’ days! Here’s how to do it: open the Instagram app & tap on the ‘Instagram’ logo. A drop down menu will appear with two options β€” Following & Favourites. Select ‘Following’ from the list to get the chronological feed. Instagram will now show posts only from the accounts you follow and the feed will be in chronological order. Hurrah!

Up the engagement levels! Instagram LOVES engagement so you want to be creating as much of it as possible to ensure Instagram loves you back. Add polls to your stories, ask questions in your posts, encourage tagging & take the time to love & reply to the content of those you follow. Once you’ve drawn in this engagement make sure you always reply – respond to DM’s, get in conversations on your posts – all engagement shows the algorithm your account is worth showing to the masses.

What’s a relationship without a little fun! Try to use some of our tips & tricks above to bring the fun back to your Instagram account & let your personality shine through. Yes, we know Instagram is important to your business – but, we 100% know that when you enjoy creating your content it will be better received by your audience & therefore perform much better. People love things other people love. πŸ’›

Let us know if your love is restored, we truly hope so. πŸ’›

Team Introtweet πŸ’™