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NEW Feature: LinkedIn Weekly Search Appearances – how can you use this?

If you are a regular LinkedIn user you may have noticed the new LinkedIn function that has appeared when you view your profile - "Weekly Search Appearances". This is a really exciting update for LinkedIn & one that all professionals can take advantage of!

Wouldn't it be fantastic to know that your increased LinkedIn activity was resulting in a higher search rate for key terms relating to you & your business? Wouldn't it be wonderful to know where people who are searching these key terms worked, and potentially even better, their job role or title? Now you can!

LinkedIn's new feature allows you to really understand whether your LinkedIn activity & profile is working for you & your business. Go & explore your stats & figures!

Still struggling to get your head around LinkedIn & making it work for your business? Email us at hello@introtweet.com.


Social Media Tip – Talk about Chocolate! 🍫

Talking about Chocolate - the key to getting brilliant Social Media engagement! 😍 Of course... it's not as simple as this, I haven't lost the plot & think this is the answer to all your engagement woes... BUT our recent post on World Chocolate Day asking our audience for their favourite Cadbury's Chocolate bar reminds us of some very important Social Media engagement tips that we just had to share with you all.

This post (see below) saw fantastic engagement levels across all of our Social Media platforms with the post still drawing in engagement, likes & comments today! It sparked an interest in our audience on a day where Chocolate was already a hot (hotter than usual) topic. What was brilliant to see & what should be the aim of all of your Social Media posts was the amount of comments on Facebook & replies on Twitter the post gained. Getting your audience talking to you is SO important both for your Social Media reach & for your relationship building; this post saw a great host of comments, replies & GIFS alike!

So, what Social Media tips did we draw from our post?

  • Always allign to National Days, Events, Trends & News Stories

Wherever possible take note of the news worthy stories, trends & National days. These are highly important to consider when creating Social Media content that will lead to high engagement levels - even better if the National Day relates to your business! These days give businesses a fantastic opportunity to engage with their audience, run related special offers & competitions & showcase the 'personality' behind their brand & logo. We have seen fantastic examples of businesses ultilising days such as #SaySomethingNiceDay to showcase fantastic customer testimonials or using #ChocolateWeek to launch a new chocolate product each day amongst the buzz surrounding the hashtag.

Check out some fantastic National Days here in this hashtag National Day calendar

  • Consider exactly what your Social Media audience are interested in...

Take some time to consider what your audience love & the kind of posts they will engage with across your Social Media accounts. Whether this is Chocolate, Pets, Trending news or top tips - what makes them like, comment, retweet & share? Check out your insights & see if you can find any patterns regarding the kind of topics & styles of posts that get them engaging with you - but, also consider why your audience liked your page in the first place.

Just by taking the time to consider this will make your next Social Media posts more effective & 'interesting' to your audience - give it a go!

  • Try to consistently allign your audiences interests with your business related/promotional posts

Once you know what kind of topics your audience like to engage with, see if you can then re-create this kind of content & the style of the post to relate to your business. For example, we now know our audience like to share their opinion & vote on their favourite Chocolate Bar - could we now try a post getting our audience to vote on their favourite Social Media platform? We know our audience like engaging with pet related content & pictures of Otis (Our office #SocialMediaCat) always go down brilliantly, so we often try to allign a picture of Otis with a post still actually promoting our business - i.e an upcoming Social Media training session with Otis sat on the desk or a funny out-take of us filming videos for our Social Media Health Check!

  • The ever-important benefit of the Call-To-Action!

We keep saying it, but, the Call-To-Action is incredibly important if you want your audience to engage with you & the simplest & most effective action is to simply ask your audience a question! But, if you have read above - hopefully not just 'any' question - a question which relates ideally to both your business AND something your audience are interested in, the perfect combo!

  • Personality is KEY!

Lastly, we believe this post demonstrates something we already knew & consistently share - people love to see personality across your Social Media accounts. On Social Media people don't like just engaging with a logo &/or an overly professional page - showcase some personality behind the brand & see your Social Media reach & engagement increase.

Enjoy your Social Media & keep us updated with your success stories (especially your Chocolate-themed posts!) 😍

15% off our Social Media Training Sessions throughout July!

To mark a very exciting time at Introtweet we wanted to celebrate with an Introtweet social media training special offer...

Are you struggling to find the time to access, explore & learn about all the NEW features of Social Media? Why not take advantage of 15% off our 1-1 social media training services throughout July? Book a 1-1 or small group (1-3 attendees) training session with us to explore all these new features & ensure you are maximising the potential of Social Media for your business. Book here!


  • The training session or workshop must be booked & paid for in July.
  • However, the training session can be booked in for July onwards if this suits you & your business.
  • Training sessions must be paid for in full before they are confirmed.
  • The offer entitles you to 15% off the total price of our training sessions with 1,2 or 3 attendees.

Please email us at hello@introtweet.com to book or if you have any questions about this offer, thank you. 

Are GIFs the answer?

Depending on whether you follow us on Social Media, you may or may not have seen our latest Facebook post.

Basically, we have been thinking a lot about GIFs! Since the Facebook update where you can now comment & reply on Facebook posts with GIFs, simply by searching for a key word - we have been wondering if Facebook are going to start prioritising GIFs as content moving forward. From experience we know that Facebook like to & always do proritise their updates & their content preferences - such as Facebook Live & content which ensures your audience stay on the platform instead of leading them to external sites.

We thought the easiest way to find out whether Facebook are prioritising GIFs as content would be to do a Facebook post with a GIF & monitor it's reach & engagement levels. We were pleasantly surprised with the results of this experiment & it seems pretty clear to us, that for the time being, Facebook ARE prioritising GIFs as content. Our post reached 4,000 people on Facebook within a couple of hours & has seen very high engagement levels compared to other posts on our Introtweet page. The post is always continuing to performing well long after we posted it to our page. See our post below...

We all know the issues with Facebook reach & how hard it can be to reach your audience on Facebook, so for the time being, we would highly recommend using GIFs as part of your marketing strategy on Facebook as a way of ensuring higher reach & engagement levels. As you know though, Facebook hate replica of similar content, so don't fall into the trap of using GIFs in each & every post - keep them for that something special.

So, this post has been very successful on our Facebook page, we know reason the Number #1 for this (GIFs!) - but are there other reasons for this post performing so well?

Reason #1 - It seems to be true, Facebook do seem to be prioritising posts which include a GIF - these posts are being shown to more of your audience & are receiving high engagement levels.

Reason #2 - GIFs are currently the latest trend in Marketing! People love GIFs on Twitter, they love that you can now post GIFs as comment on replies on Facebook - so therefore we are all very receptive to GIFs in the newsfeed.

Reason #3 - It demonstrates just how important a call-to-action is on Facebook. Yes, we believe this post performed well because of the GIF - BUT, another huge reason for it's success is because of the text we included alongside the post. We asked our audience to like the post & to comment with the time they saw the GIF pop up in their newsfeed - it's so important to encourage your audience to take action when it comes to Facebook. Each & every action they do spreads your post further & further across Facebook, leading to even higher reach & engagement levels.

So, now you know you should be using GIFs in your Facebook & wider marketing, it's now time for those all important questions - WHAT & WHERE?

What is a GIF? 

A GIF (Graphics Interchange Format) is an online image that moves - for example a moving hand or object twirling along the graphic. You will have spotted these primarily on Twitter, but they are now beginning to be used a lot more widely across Facebook & other Social Media platforms.

Where can you find GIFs to use?

The website we use to find GIFs to use on Social Media is www.giphy.com - it's brilliant. You can download an image to use to share on Twitter or you can just copy the link to the GIF to use on Facebook - give it a go & let us know if you have any questions or thoughts.

GIFs are fantastic, but they are not going to be suitable for every business or every post. Consider your business, the theme of your post & the suitability of the GIF before posting. And, remember - don't over-GIF! Using GIFs are a sure fire way to increase your engagement levels on Facebook, but not if ever post you do from now on includes ones, choose wisely!

We look forward to seeing your eye catching & high-performing posts using GIFs! You can even create your own GIFs using your own video content, take a look & enjoy.

GIF success stories:

"I tried it this week and they are absolutely brilliant! I've had so much interaction, and new followers and even some sales." - Mama Tigerlily




Introtweet scoops Digital Innovator Award at the Taunton Deane Business Awards 2017!

Social media management and training company, Introtweet, was last night crowned the winner of the Digital Innovator Award at this year’s Taunton Deane Business Awards.

Commended for the team’s outstanding commitment to digital innovation and product development, Introtweet accepted the award at the Somerset County Cricket Club, Taunton, in front of more than 200 influential business people from within the county.


Laura Brown, Managing Director and Founder of Introtweet comments, “We are absolutely thrilled to have won this award! We have worked tirelessly to ensure we can deliver the best services for our clients, whilst staying at the forefront of the industry, and this award is testament to all the hard work. We are fully committed to developing and introducing new, innovative services to our clients and we look forward to our continued growth over the next couple of months. It’s a very exciting time for Introtweet.”


One of the judges, Kevin Smith, commented on the dedication and expertise of the duo from Introtweet, saying,

“Really exciting category, 3 strong finalists, such a tough decision. Great story of how Introtweet took an existing platform and made it their own. Without doubt it was how they use the platform which gave them the edge.”

Kevin also added “It was a real personal presentation - great work & well deserved.”


Introtweet showcased its already popular, new online health check service – launched at the start of 2017 – as the main focus within its entry, highlighting the team’s commitment to both the development of the digital business and their personal learning. Digital Innovation really is at the heart of everything the Introtweet duo carry out.


At the black tie Taunton Deane Business Awards evening, held at the Somerset County Cricket Club, Taunton, on 8 June 2017, all of the achievements of the shortlisted businesses were celebrated.


For more information about Introtweet, please visit: www.introtweet.com.

For more information about the Taunton Deane Business Awards, please visit: www.tauntondeanebusinessawards.co.uk.

WINNERS of the Taunton Deane Business Awards 2017!

🎉Wow! What an AMAZING night!🎉

Winners of the 2017 Taunton Deane Business Awards - Digital Innovator.

We are absolutely honoured to have won the Taunton Deane Business Awards in the Digital Innovator Category.

It's given us such great validation, both in a business sense - we can't wait to really push on with our business & move it forwards, but also in a personal sense. We both left 'stable' teaching careers to start our business & chase our dreams - it seems to be paying off! 🎉😍🥂

Thanks to you all for your amazing & unwavering support. #TDBA17

Winners of the 2017 Taunton Deane Business Awards - Digital Innovator.

Facebook encouraging audience to STAY on Facebook!

Facebook has updated it's Algorithm (again)! This is going to be a pretty constant thing as Facebook strives to provide a better audience experience for it's users & businesses alike. These constant changes don't have to be a bad thing, as long as you stay up to date with these changes, you can ensure you are sharing the kind of content Facebook likes to see & therefore the kind of content they will happily spread far & wide to your audience.

A big change in this most recent Algorithm update, is a change in Facebook's priority to keep you on Facebook & limit the possibility of you & your audience leaving the platform to visit external sites - such as your website, Eventbrite etc. This change has been happening for a while & frequent Facebook users will have spotted some clues. Recent updates such as the Facebook services tabs & the Facebook shop are all about making your business page a one stop shop so your audience don't have to go elsewhere to find out more & leave Facebook for good.

In summary, Facebook wants you to stay on their platform & therefore they prefer content that doesn't send you & your audience away. This, of course, makes sense! As a business owner how often would you send your customers to other websites/shops/people before you thought 'we need to update...provide this service etc...& get people staying here. With all the power (& money) Facebook has - this update was only a matter of time!

This is exactly what Facebook have done with their recent partnership with Eventbrite - read all about it here! At no extra cost, you can now sell tickets or enable free registration directly on Facebook, & your customers can complete their purchase without ever leaving Facebook. Amazing!

So, now you have this knowledge, what can you do to keep reaching your audience & make the most of this update?

  • If you are running events & promoting them via Eventbrite, follow the steps here to make registration quick & simple for your attendees, whilst also being a HIT with the Facebook algorithm.
  • Consider the content you are sharing on your Facebook business page. Bear this new update in mind & try to avoid leading your audience elsewhere. Instead, work to provide plenty of information in your posts & ensure it is simple & easy for your audience to get in touch. Add a 'Send Message' button to the call-to-action button on your cover photo & frequently add this button to your posts so your audience can message you straight from your newsfeed. It's all about making it as easy as possible for your audience to get in touch - all without leaving Facebook.
  • Complete the Facebook services & Facebook shop tabs in detail so your business page becomes a wealth of information.
  • Now Facebook is encouraging you to encourage enquiries & messages via your business page ensure you have a plan in place to manage this. Go into your Facebook settings to add an instant & out-of-hours reply to your Facebook messages & download the pages manager app so you can respond to these enquiries on the go.
  • Continually strive for engagement! This is still, and will always be, the MOST important thing when it comes to Facebook success! 

Stay tuned for more tips & tricks about how to boost your Facebook reach by utilising this Algorithm.

Please get in touch at hello@introtweet.com to discuss our Social Media training, management & online support services.



Selling tickets for events? This Facebook update is PERFECT for you!

Selling tickets for events can be tough, but this new update may have the answer!

We have amazing news to share you about a new Facebook update;

"Eventbrite has partnered with the social network to launch a new checkout experience for your Facebook events; a first in the UK. At no extra cost, you can now sell tickets or enable free registration directly on Facebook.  And your customers can complete their purchase without ever leaving Facebook."

This is brilliant news for businesses, marketers & promoters - buying tickets for your event is now easier than ever! Instead of your audience having to leave Facebook to visit Eventbrite the checkout process is now completely seamless! And... even better news - the stats from Eventbrite show that over double the amount of people buy tickets when they are available directly via Facebook. What's not too love?!

"By selling tickets on Facebook, you’re making sure the ticket buyer never has to leave your Facebook event to complete their Eventbrite order. Their payment information, name, and email address are pulled directly into the order form, so it only takes two taps to buy tickets once Facebook’s checkout process begins.

Attendees can also conveniently access their tickets on Facebook, so they’ll have no problem getting into your event."



Ready for even more AMAZING news...? Because this Eventbrite partnership is official with Facebook, Facebook are going to love sharing this content all over it's platform. So, you're event reach will be high & will rise even higher each time an attendee clicks 'going' on your Eventbrite & shares this news with their friends. Perfect!


How can you start to use this AMAZING update?

Once your event is LIVE on Eventbrite, simply go to the “Manage” page on your Eventbrite dashboard. From there, click the “Add to Facebook” tool to create your Facebook event and select the ticket types you’d like to sell. You can track ticket sales on both your Eventbrite and Facebook reporting dashboards. It's as simple as that!


Go get those ticket sales & we wish you all the luck in the world with promoting, selling out & running your next event!


Please get in touch at hello@introtweet.com to discuss our Social Media training, management & online support services.

How do you link a Facebook group to your Facebook business page?

We were absolutely thrilled to see the new Facebook update that you can now write, reply & comment in Facebook groups, that you are an admin of, as your business page rather than your personal page. We love this update! It was putting many of the businesses we met off creating a group because of the need to run it solely from your personal page so we predict a real surge in Facebook groups as a direct result of this update. How could you use a group for your business? Sharing of top tips, special offers or behind-the-scenes news? The opportunities are endless!


So, how do you link a Facebook group to your business page?


Step 1: Ensure you are an admin on the group you are trying to add to your Facebook Business Page - once you have successfully added the group to your business page you are able to engage with your group as your business.

Step 2: Click on the groups tab on the Left Hand Side of your business page OR go in to your business page settings to add the group tab to your page to enable you to complete this process. (see below)




Step 3: Click on your new or existing groups tab to see the tab below & choose which group (that you are an admin of) you want to add to your Facebook Business page. Do this by clicking on the blue button - 'Link Your Group'.







Step 4:  Choose which group you are looking to add to your business page & simply click 'Link!'





Step 5: Your business page is now linked to your group & you are able to post in the as your business. Do this with as many of your groups as you like, each one you add will appear on your business page.










Step 6: Complete! Now it's time to use your group to grow & enhance your business & the offering you can give to your audience & fan base.


Please get in touch at hello@introtweet.com to discuss our Social Media training, management & online support services.

15% off our Social Media Training Sessions throughout May!

To celebrate our recent THREE Business Award Nominations we wanted to celebrate with an Introtweet social media training special offer...

Are you struggling to find the time to access, explore & learn about all the NEW features of Social Media? Why not take advantage of 15% off our social media training services throughout May? Book a 1-1 or a group workshop with us to explore all these new features & ensure you are maximising the potential of all these features for your business. Book here!



  • The training session or workshop must be booked & paid for in May.
  • However, the training session can be booked in for June onwards if this suits you & your business.
  • Training sessions must be paid for in full before they are confirmed.
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