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Our first #TweetOverCoffee event! ☕☕☕

Thank you SO much to everyone who came to our first #TweetOverCoffee event! A packed house, a brilliant atmosphere & lots of amazing selfies flying everywhere! A fantastic morning.

There was open networking, the 'classic' 30 second round, a Social Media talk by us all about the new features & the future of Social Media, a roundtable discussion & Twitter Networking!

We even gave away a box of our famous Introtweet cupcakes to the lucky winner of our best #TweetOverCoffee best selfie competition...

If you would like to be the first to hear about our NEXT event please let us know your email at hello@introtweet.com & we can add you to our interest list! See you there.

Why Social Media Management?

We love Social Media.

We love managing Social Media accounts for our clients.

Ranging from Instagram to LinkedIn, Twitter to Facebook, Social Media Management is the core of our business at Introtweet & we love the variety, challenges & excitement it adds to our business. It’s amazing to bring in leads & enquiries for our clients & to see Social Media blossom into an effective marketing tool for their business. We are just as excited for our clients when they receive a lead or enquiry via Social Media as we are for our own business.

We know that effective Social Media Management brings in increased brand awareness, website traffic & leads... to name just a few, so it's brilliant to be able to provide this service to brilliant businesses across the UK!

Here are just 3 (there are SO many) of the AMAZING benefits of effective Social Media Management:

*A brilliant time saver!

The biggest potential ‘issue’ with Social Media & businesses is simply the enormous amount of time it can take up! Social Media is not just randomly writing a post & putting it out there as & when. To be successful, a certain amount of time needs to be spent crafting a Social Media strategy, what we would call a ‘perfect’ post, finding out when is the perfect time is to post it, researching the best hashtags to use – the list is endless…

Throw in some online networking, responding to enquiries & trying to keep your presence consistent - you suddenly have an enormous & very timely task ahead of you.

| If your Social Media is outsourced to Introtweet this will all be done behind-the-scenes & on your behalf. You will get a report at the end of each month briefing you on your Social Media growth, followers & successes.|

*Always be the first!

We live & breathe all things Social Media so each time a new platform is launched, a Social Media site is updated or a new exciting feature is added, we know about it & can act upon it straight away! All platforms, but especially Facebook, are updating their offering to businesses consistently. As soon as new feature is launched that will benefit our clients we act & implement it straight away.

| As a client of Introtweet your business will always be ahead of the game & be able to utilise new Social Media features instantly ahead of many competitors & local businesses. |


*Available 24/7!

Interaction, engagement & enquiries can happen at any time on Social Media.

Whatever your opinion is about Social Media in general, those who engage with you by either leaving a comment, asking a question or giving you a business lead/enquiry, there is an expectation for you to reply within 30 minutes or so. It's just the way it is.

This expectation can be an absolute nightmare for busy business owners – especially if you aren’t used to using Social Media so may struggle to even reply at all! Social Media is so fast paced so the likelihood is, if you don't reply, another more Social Media savvy business may swoop in & take your lead.

| Ensure you are always available & never miss an enquiry, question or comment. |

If you would like to talk to us about effective Social Media Management please email us on hello@introtweet.com & we will get straight back to you.

Introtweet & BBC Somerset

A huge thank you to Ben McGrail, BBC Somerset 95.5FM & Richard Huish College! We had an absolutely fantastic time as part of Social Media Day (10/04/17) teaching some of your wonderful listeners all about the joys, benefits & features of Social Media!

We helped people download Social Media apps, make their Facebook profiles as secure as can be & feel confident working updating & commenting within the Facebook newsfeed - all whilst LIVE on BBC Somerset.

Thank you for very much for asking us to be part of #SocialMediaDay!

Bespoke Social Media Training in association with British Marines!

Last week, we had an absolutely lovely day back in Exeter running a bespoke Social Media workshop in association with British Marine & ADPR Ltd. Those who attended were all members of the British Marine Association & were very eager to learn all about how Social Media can impact their marine businesses & how to make sense of all the latest features & updates.

The structure of our workshop focused primarily on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn but we also briefly discussed Instagram, YouTube & Snapchat as a way to instantly engage with a younger, highly engaged audience.

From the questionnaire we sent out to each of our attendees beforehand we knew they were keen to focus primarily on the big three - Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn & learn all about how these platforms can be used to grow their business, engage with their target audience & ultimately provide a great first impression of their business.

Our full day workshop inspired all attendees with activities about optimising their Social Media profiles, engaging with a targeted audience by using Twitter lists & analysing their Facebook Insights as a learning tool for their business. We then ended with a discussion about the importance of a weekly strategy & a group discussion to create the best possible version for all those in the room. We loved all the ideas flying around the room - it's surprising how often an attendee from another business will have an amazing strategy idea for their partner!

Every workshop is different.

Why LinkedIn Training?

LinkedIn training has become one of our most popular services & workshops at Introtweet. We think there are many reasons for this;

1. LinkedIn is considered the most 'professional' of Social Media platforms & is there is where the majority of 'Social Media' gained business tends to come for many business owners that we meet. Some of our biggest clients & work has come from LinkedIn & we share this news with many of our clients & workshop attendees to demonstrate the power of the platform.

2. The ability to connect with & showcase your expertise to key decision makers/targeted connections means the potential of LinkedIn is huge. Therefore, business owners want to learn how they & their sales staff/office staff etc can make the most of this potential.

3. The New LinkedIn update has made LinkedIn more modern, user-friendly & accessible, meaning those who have previously turned their backs on the platform are ready to give it another chance! We have witnessed this already at a couple of our workshops - business owners who had a negative view towards LinkedIn could now make a lot more sense of the platform now it's not so clunky! Great news! 


At Introtweet, our LinkedIn workshops are three hours long & are always bespoke to the business & the needs of their staff. We send over questionnaires to each attendee prior to our workshop to ensure the session covers exactly what they are hoping to gain... plus an awful lot more!

An example of the structure of our LinkedIn workshops would be;

  • Introduction to LinkedIn - benefits, key statistics etc
  • Discussion of the new LinkedIn update - what's changed?
  • Explore the key features of LinkedIn & how to use these effectively
  • Optimising your LinkedIn profile
  • LinkedIn Etiquette
  • LinkedIn Recommendations - daily activity
  • LinkedIn Aim & strategy
  • Q&A session

We share A LOT of knowledge throughout our workshops, but we always ensure that time is given for attendees to soak up our knowledge & put their new found skills into action. We always ask our attendees to bring a laptop/tablet/smart phone with them to our workshops - this allows them to participate in the many interactive activities we have throughout our workshops. We don't want everyone to leave thinking "Wow! I now know a lot but have no idea how to implement it..." we want them to leave having vastly improved their knowledge knowing exactly how to put each feature in to action, whilst also having made a great start on their LinkedIn strategy moving forward.



Huge thanks to Peter Carter, Sales Administration and Supply Chain Manager at Heidelberg, for his kind words following our the two LinkedIn workshops we have ran with him & his team;

"Laura and Peter have run two bespoke LinkedIn courses for us. They targeted the level correctly for the audience and were confident and clear in the message. Really helped us with our objectives. Thoroughly recommended.



As we are both former teachers we pride ourselves on being able to quickly assess the ability levels of everyone in the room, delivering the workshop at a suitable pace & ensuring that each attendee gets the relevant help & support where required.

"The LinkedIn training which Introtweet delivered to our team was informative and relevant, as well as being easy to understand. It has really helped us build our confidence in making LinkedIn work for us."

-Gekko IndustriesIf you would like to find out further information about our LinkedIn workshops at Introtweet please send an email to hello@introtweet.com & we will get straight back to you. We look forward to hearing from you.









Introtweet Social Media Coffee morning!

🎉Our first Introtweet Social Media coffee morning has SOLD OUT in just under two days! A huge thank you to everyone who has bought a ticket - we can't wait to welcome all 25 of you to our first event in April!

If you wanted to come along but missed the boat - please click this link to book onto our coffee morning & register for our waiting list. If you register you will be notified if a space becomes available at this event AND you will be the first to know about our next Social Media coffee morning! 🥐

🎉Following on from the amazing response we may release a new date for May or June - stay tuned & please let us know if you would like to come along to this! 🎉

Register for the waiting list here!

Influencers – are they the key to Social Media success?

I had the wonderful opportunity of being interview by a journalist yesterday for a chance to be featured in The Costco Connection. My interview was all about Social Media influencers (those with a large Social Media following who are paid by brands/businesses to promote their products & services) & the impact this is having on all things Marketing.



Here are some of my thoughts which I shared...

Businesses across the UK are waking up to the fact that using influencers to promote their products across social media is a very powerful marketing tool. Using influencers is quickly becoming the new word of mouth in the digital world! Online Businesses - such as those in the retail/fashion/shopping sector are beginning to use this very effectively as their ONLY marketing avenue.


Using influencers is a fantastic way to;

***Build trust in your brand; by showcasing other people using/wearing/eating your products is a fantastic way to build trust in your brand. Businesses have always known the power of recommendations & reviews by a 3rd party audience - so using influencers is exactly this, in the digital world!

***Build your audience; Influencers will bring with them their audience + their audiences network. Finding the 'correct' influencer for your brand could have a huge impact on your business.


We've noticed many influencers specialise in niches so it's very important & very powerful for you if you find the right influencer in your niche, i.e Male health & fitness blogger, Fashion expert under 30 etc. For some businesses with many different products you may have a different criteria for finding influencers for many different products.


Businesses can use also use influencers to get in to a new target audience or sector, if you're moving into a different sector or are having a change of tact/focus - influencers can be a quick & great way to promote this.


***We would recommend to all businesses that using influencers that they should be using a specific code so their individual success can be tracked. The ad you pay the influencer to post should also always include a call-to-action to get it done & get it done straight away! Monitor these stats carefully.

***To increase website traffic! For businesses it's a fantastic way to increase website traffic - google looks positively on these high quality links as way to boost search ranking & profile. These clickbacks are always viewed positively by Google.


The only negative I would comment on is that as this is becoming more & more common I wonder if there ever could be a backlash against this style of advertising. Social Media users are very savvy. Even if the business & influencer are showcasing a product to their 'perfect' target audience - ads on Social Media still often really stand out as just that - an 'ad'. If businesses & the influencer aren't careful, followers & some brand trust could be lost as they feel they are constantly being sold too. Influencers however, are starting to tackle this by using #ad in their social media posts which are promoted (paid for by a business) so their followers can choose to ignore or scroll past this particular post.


I wonder if the success of using influencers as the new digital word-of-mouth can continue for forever? It will be very interesting to see. Soft selling on Social Media we know is always the best way!

Social Media Coffee morning – 19th April!

Following on from the success of our Social Media workshops which we have run in Taunton, Bristol & Exeter we are launching our Introtweet Social Media coffee mornings! A chance to pick up Social Media tips, have access to two Social Media experts & network with local businesses.

We would absolutely love you to join us at the gorgeous Corner House Hotel in Taunton - tickets are just £5.90 & this includes coffee & pastries.

Our Social Media coffee morning gives local businesses, charities and individuals the chance to pick up Social Media tips via our Introtweet Social Media Masterclass seminar & Q&A session, discuss all the latest Social Media news & updates in an expert-hosted roundtable session & make local business connections.

Coffee & pastries will be provided for all attendees - just grab your ticket and meet us there!

We hope you'll take advantage of these informal & relaxed coffee morning to give a much needed Social Media boost to your business.

The hashtag for our coffee morning is #TweetOverCoffee - we'd love to you talk about it across your Social Media accounts! Tweet us @IntrotweetUK when you buy your ticket & live tweet throughout the event!

See you soon - book here! 

Laura & Pete

Huge congratulations to White Mountain Chalets on their Theo Paphitis #sbs win!

We are thrilled for our Social Media Management client White Mountain Chalets, who won the Twitter competition #sbs yesterday! (13/03/2017). It's a hatrick for us at Introtweet with White Mountain Chalets being the third winner of this Twitter competition for us in just two weeks - amazing! #SBS is an official Theo Paphitis competition designed to support small businesses across the UK. Winners enjoy support from fellow winners alongside many networking and business opportunities. I had the pleasure of attending the event a couple of years ago and it was amazing - such a great business opportunity for all attendees!

Theo has also just announced an #SBS Shop where winners can advertise & promote their products & services- it will be very exciting to see what impact this has on our client!

For a chance of winning you need to tweet an eye catching tweet to Theo Paphitis on Sunday evening, between 5pm & 7:30pm & making sure you include #sbs in your tweet. Theo will then choose six tweets to tweet Monday evening at 8pm!

And we know you want to see it... here is the winning White Mountain Chalets tweet! You can follow ADPR on Twitter @LuxChalets.



Congratulations to ADPR on their Theo Paphitis #sbs win!

We are thrilled for our Social Media Management client ADPR, who won the Twitter competition #sbs this week! (06/03/2017). #SBS is an official Theo Paphitis competition designed to support small businesses across the UK. Winners enjoy support from fellow winners alongside many networking and business opportunities. I had the pleasure of attending the event a couple of years ago and it was amazing - such a great business opportunity for all attendees!

Theo has also just announced an #SBS Shop where winners can advertise & promote their products - it will be very exciting to see what impact this has on our client!

For a chance of winning you need to tweet an eye catching tweet to Theo Paphitis on Sunday evening, between 5pm & 7:30pm & making sure you include #sbs in your tweet. Theo will then choose six tweets to tweet Monday evening at 8pm!

And we know you want to see it... here is the winning ADPR tweet! You can follow ADPR on Twitter @ADPR_LTD.


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