☆Our Social Media Health Check has been LIVE for almost a full month -where has the time gone? We’ve had a fantastic response & our videos, LIVE Q&A & content has all had a brilliant response

☆Our members loved their social media health check – it’s been printed off & all points have been implemented to fantastic results! One of our members had a sale 5 minutes after implementing one of our top tips!☆

☆Our #IntrotweetTip video content has been watched, watched & watched again. We have shared our Introtweet mantra & have encouraged all our members to make it there own☆

Our Facebook LIVE Q&A session was a HUGE hit! We took the time to engage with all of our members to answer their burning questions live & on the spot!☆

☆Our private Facebook group is building into  supportive & busy community of business owners looking to develop their Social Media & learn as much as they can!☆

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