Facebook has updated it’s Algorithm (again)! This is going to be a pretty constant thing as Facebook strives to provide a better audience experience for it’s users & businesses alike. These constant changes don’t have to be a bad thing, as long as you stay up to date with these changes, you can ensure you are sharing the kind of content Facebook likes to see & therefore the kind of content they will happily spread far & wide to your audience.

A big change in this most recent Algorithm update, is a change in Facebook’s priority to keep you on Facebook & limit the possibility of you & your audience leaving the platform to visit external sites – such as your website, Eventbrite etc. This change has been happening for a while & frequent Facebook users will have spotted some clues. Recent updates such as the Facebook services tabs & the Facebook shop are all about making your business page a one stop shop so your audience don’t have to go elsewhere to find out more & leave Facebook for good.

In summary, Facebook wants you to stay on their platform & therefore they prefer content that doesn’t send you & your audience away. This, of course, makes sense! As a business owner how often would you send your customers to other websites/shops/people before you thought ‘we need to update…provide this service etc…& get people staying here. With all the power (& money) Facebook has – this update was only a matter of time!

This is exactly what Facebook have done with their recent partnership with Eventbrite – read all about it here!ย At no extra cost, you can now sell tickets or enable free registration directly on Facebook, & your customers can complete their purchase without ever leaving Facebook. Amazing!

So, now you have this knowledge, what can you do to keep reaching your audience & make the most of this update?

  • If you are running events & promoting them via Eventbrite, follow the steps here to make registration quick & simple for your attendees, whilst also being a HIT with the Facebook algorithm.
  • Consider the content you are sharing on your Facebook business page. Bear this new update in mind & try to avoid leading your audience elsewhere. Instead, work to provide plenty of information in your posts & ensure it is simple & easy for your audience to get in touch. Add a ‘Send Message’ button to the call-to-action button on your cover photo & frequently add this button to your posts so your audience can message you straight from your newsfeed. It’s all about making it as easy as possible for your audience to get in touch – all without leaving Facebook.
  • Complete the Facebook services & Facebook shop tabs in detail so your business page becomes a wealth of information.
  • Now Facebook is encouraging you to encourage enquiries & messages via your business page ensure you have a plan in place to manage this. Go into your Facebook settings to add an instant & out-of-hours reply to your Facebook messages & download the pages manager app so you can respond to these enquiries on the go.
  • Continually strive forย engagement! This is still, and will always be, the MOST important thing when it comes to Facebook success!ย 

Stay tuned for more tips & tricks about how to boost your Facebook reach by utilising this Algorithm.

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