πŸŽƒ Linking Facebook & Twitter!

This is our top Introtweet Social Media don’t! Linking your Facebook & Twitter accounts together is a sure-fire way to alienate your followers, annoy your followers & actually give quite a bad first impression of your brand & business. Linking creates strange links, disappearing sentences & very low engagement levels – please don’t do it! If you need any help unlinking your accounts – just ask or check out our blog!Β 

πŸ‘» Automated Twitter Messages!

This has to be another of those Social Media things that can really turn people off! If you ask any seasoned Twitter user their biggest hate – this will most definitely be right up there.

Automated messages are impersonal, spammy & robotic – the exact opposite of what Social Media is about. They also are frankly a real pain – they suck the life out of your inbox & sometimes mean you can miss the 1 in 1000th twitter message that is actually real!

These automated messages also never come across as I assume the business setting them up had hoped – the software picks something out of your username to call you, such as we are often addressed as β€˜Hi Team!’ & strange links appear after the message such as β€˜powered by @crowdfire’ therefore giving the game away about your automation…!

If you do want to send Direct Messages (DM’s) on Twitter – do it the personal way!

πŸŽƒ Constant Broadcasting!

Purely broadcasting about your business is a big Social Media NO! If you only broadcast about your business & constantly promote, promote, promote Social Media will not be working for you.

This kind of content is allowed on Social Media – you can promote your business & don’t let anyone tell you otherwise – but this has to be surrounded by other content! Share exciting business news, engage with other businesses & influencers, share local news & events & above all – showcase your personality! Social Media after all is Social Media.

Don’t terrify your followers by doing any of the above this Halloween…!Β