We love Social Media.

We love managing Social Media accounts for our clients.

Ranging from Instagram to LinkedIn, Twitter to Facebook, Social Media Management is the core of our business at Introtweet & we love the variety, challenges & excitement it adds to our business. It’s amazing to bring in leads & enquiries for our clients & to see Social Media blossom into an effective marketing tool for their business. We are just as excited for our clients when they receive a lead or enquiry via Social Media as we are for our own business.

We know that effective Social Media Management brings in increased brand awareness, website traffic & leads… to name just a few, so it’s brilliant to be able to provide this service to brilliant businesses across the UK!

Here are just 3 (there are SO many) of the AMAZING benefits of effective Social Media Management:

*A brilliant time saver!

The biggest potential ‘issue’ with Social Media & businesses is simply the enormous amount of time it can take up! Social Media is not just randomly writing a post & putting it out there as & when. To be successful, a certain amount of time needs to be spent crafting a Social Media strategy, what we would call a ‘perfect’ post, finding out when is the perfect time is to post it, researching the best hashtags to use – the list is endless…

Throw in some online networking, responding to enquiries & trying to keep your presence consistent – you suddenly have an enormous & very timely task ahead of you.

| If your Social Media is outsourced to Introtweet as part of our social media management service this will all be done behind-the-scenes & on your behalf. You will get a report at the end of each month briefing you on your Social Media growth, followers & successes.|

*Always be the first!

We live & breathe all things Social Media so each time a new platform is launched, a Social Media site is updated or a new exciting feature is added, we know about it & can act upon it straight away! All platforms, but especially Facebook, are updating their offering to businesses consistently. As soon as new feature is launched that will benefit our clients we act & implement it straight away.

| As a client of Introtweet your business will always be ahead of the game & be able to utilise new Social Media features instantly ahead of many competitors & local businesses. |


*Available 24/7!

Interaction, engagement & enquiries can happen at any time on Social Media.

Whatever your opinion is about Social Media in general, those who engage with you by either leaving a comment, asking a question or giving you a business lead/enquiry, there is an expectation for you to reply within 30 minutes or so. It’s just the way it is.

This expectation can be an absolute nightmare for busy business owners – especially if you aren’t used to using Social Media so may struggle to even reply at all! Social Media is so fast paced so the likelihood is, if you don’t reply, another more Social Media savvy business may swoop in & take your lead.

| Ensure you are always available & never miss an enquiry, question or comment. |

If you would like to talk to us about effective Social Media Management please email us on hello@introtweet.com & we will get straight back to you.