We know it’s a huge cliche, New Year New You, New Year New Social Media… but, maybe there’s a reason for that! January does tend to inspire a fire & a need in most of us to make some changes in our life – whether it’s a personal change to get fitter & eat less chocolate or a business goal to build your customer base & learn another valuable skill.

We have most definitely noticed a trend each year that January does inspire a need in business owners to develop their knowledge & improve their Social Media skills. We are often extremely busy in January with 1-1 training sessions or group workshops helping businesses do just this – and this year has been no different. We are fully booked for January when it comes to our training services & February, March & April are getting particularly busy.

In line with the New Year New Social Media goals many of you may have, we are here to offer three of our top tips to get your Social Media in line for 2018! Explore our tips, make the changes & please let us know if you have any questions, we are always happy to help.


*Consider your Social Media Aims: You need to know exactly why you are on Social Media if you ever want to gain success from this way of marketing. As with most things in life – if you have an aim, you can plan & therefore can achieve your goals. If your aim is brand awareness, website traffic or enquiries you need to make sure everything you do on a daily basis leads you closer to this. Take the time to consider your aims & consider that these may be different for each of your Social Media platforms.


* Make sure you have the time: Don’t set goals to be on & succeed at every Social Media platform if you know you don’t have the time, knowledge or resources to do this successfully. Consider & find out which platforms your audience are on & set out to make sure you have the time, knowledge & resources to run these specific accounts successfully.


*Get a content plan together: We know that many businesses have concerns that they don’t have enough content to facilitate a successful Social Media presence & be consistent – we are here to tell you that you do have content & lots of it. Take the time to look within your business; behind-the-scenes content such as works in progress, office birthdays & team meetings can make excellent Social Media content. You are still promoting your business but in a much more personalised way that is guaranteed to get great traction across your Social Media accounts.



If you would like to find out more about our Social Media training & workshops at Introtweet please click here or email us on: hello@introtweet.com. Our sessions work on a 1-1 basis, or we can travel to your place of work to run a bespoke group session.