Facebook Stories – a change!

By September 7, 2017 No Comments

Have you noticed! You can now view Facebook Stories on your desktop rather than just on your phone! Maybe this will increase the amount of people using them? Have you ever created a Facebook story? The issue is that you can only create Facebook Stories from your personal profile & not your business page – so in our experience people aren’t very keen on using them. We do hope this will change soon though! Instagram stories are extremely popular – so we can see Facebook Stories being just the same, IF, they let us create them from our business profile!

In case you are wondering… what is a Facebook Story?

In short – it’s a photograph or video that lasts just 24 hours! Your friends stories appear at the top of your home feed when on a mobile or to the right of the screen when on your desktop/laptop etc. You click on the little circle icons to view there story – a behind-the-scenes snippet into their life!