Are you spending time & money creating the perfect Facebook advertisements? Start implementing this simple #IntrotweetTip to get the most from your time, money & effort!

Once you have started your Facebook advertisement/boosted post & you begin to see the likes & comments starting to roll in – you want to ensure that once your advert has ended, these targeted & interested people are still seeing the posts you make on your business page!

When these interested parties have liked your post you can click on the total number of likes your post has got & you will see which of these likers have also chosen to like your page. If they aren’t a liker of your page you can invite them with just one click of the ‘invite’ button!

You have worked hard to target these people in their newsfeeds & they may not even realise they haven’t liked your page. Give them an invite & watch the likes, but more importantly targeted likes, roll in!