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1. Create & use EYE CATCHING images!

Images equal higher Facebook engagement, this is proven. Think of the kind of content you engage with on Facebook on a daily basis, I can almost guarantee the most recent posts you reacted to would have been a picture or a video.

Use this fact & consider how you can use this for your business. Share behind-the-scenes pictures, create amazing branded graphics using & showcase customer pictures & stories to make your Facebook audience STOP in their tracks.

2. Keep it simple!

Try not to overthink your Facebook posts & be confident with what you are posting. Use eye catching images, showcase your business using video but sometimes… also try just keeping it simple with… text!

There’s a fascinating statistic when it comes to Facebook posting – “Simple text posts reach a wider audience but Picture posts often lead to higher engagement…”

Therefore, you need to try & encourage the likers who see your Simple text posts to not just ‘see’ your post but to ENGAGE with it! What better way to encourage engagement by asking questions! Ask your audience to comment with True or False, Yes or No, share their opinion or their own top tips.

Ask questions as frequently as you can to increase engagement, build trust in your brand & build your online community.

3. LEARN from your Insights!

Timing is everything when it comes to your Facebook posts.

You need to ensure the times you are posting on Facebook coincide with the times your audience are online! Facebook provides you with amazing information in your insights to see this – explore your insights via your business page to see exactly what time the majority of your fans are online. You can then ensure you schedule content consistently at these times to seek the maximum engagement.

Once you get this engagement though, make sure you reply as quickly as you can! Engagement is what you are seeking on Facebook – so, when it happens reply quickly, have a conversation & build relationships. All engagement leads to higher organic reach on your Facebook posts & will lead to your posts becoming visible to those who don’t already like your page. Win, Win!

4. Be persistent! 

Facebook engagement is what you are striving to achieve on Facebook – but success isn’t going to happen overnight. Ensure you consistently post valuable & interesting content, create eye catching images & reply to questions to see your Facebook engagement steadily start to increase.

This is where the importance of our Introtweet mantra  – “Engage to get engagement” comes in! To work to quickly build up your engagement levels this is what you need to do! Head over to other business pages, relevant Facebook groups & do some engagement yourself. Like & comment on other peoples posts, reply to questions in groups – work to build up a pattern of engagement which can then be reciprocated on your page!

5. Reference HOT topics & trends!

Get involved with trending news stories, hot topics & breaking news! By getting your business involved in key news stories & events you WILL notice higher engagement levels. By wishing your followers Happy St Patricks Day, getting involved in the Queen’s 90th Birthday celebrations or sharing trending videos your engagement will increase.

Do some research, Google some upcoming events & plan your Facebook content accordingly.

There’s a National Day for pretty much everything at the moment – find the ones that relate to your business & plan a interesting blog post or funny team picture!

6. Lastly, show off your personality!

Get personal, use humour & share behind-the-scenes content.

Content showing personality, people or humour always goes down really well on Facebook so plan some of this content into your business.

Show off an office birthday or business milestone, show a snapshot into your office or working environment & even sometimes share a non-business related photograph!

These posts see high engagement levels… & then the people engaging with these posts will then see your business posts. It’s all a cycle of engagement which you need to work at keeping as HIGH as possible.

Be PERSISTENT, be EYECATCHING & keep learning!